Company Profile

Scarbo Performance is a design and manufacturing company which utilizes modern tools to produce competitive products. Our innovative approach to design is evident in each of the products we develop. We believe in understanding every aspect of what our customers are looking to achieve. With this understanding we can effectively assist them with the development of their ideas by providing practical, well thought out solutions.

We believe that some of the most fulfilling moments in life are those when one becomes aware that their dreams have turned to reality. Scarbo Performance is dedicated to helping companies and individuals make this jump.

The company was founded by Joe Scarbo in September of 2008. Joe has worked as a Mechanical Design Engineer for a number of racing teams and auto manufacturers. He has always had a passion for mechanics and prides himself on the design of efficient, purpose built mechanical systems. His competitive drive and crave for knowledge have lead him to be involved in some of the most elite projects. Joe believes in continually expanding his knowledge and maintaining a grasp of current engineering and manufacturing technologies.

Clients & Partners