Joe Scarbo - Mechanical Engineer / Founder (BSME - California State Polytechnic University, Pomona)
Joe has worked as a mechanical designer for a number of racing teams and performance vehicle manufacturers including Volkswagen Motorsports, specializing mostly in complex suspension systems and chassis design. Joe also has extensive experience with product management and product development including prototype manufacturing and fabrication.

Ryan Leopard - Fabricator / Machinist (BS - California State University, Fullerton)
Ryan has an extensive history of race vehicle fabrication and has worked for a number of top racing teams and component builders. He has worked with Engineers that require accurate components and is familiar with the fabrication and machining methodologies needed to deliver. Ryan's past work experience includes the Arciero-Miller Baja Race Touareg Program, Arciero Racing Tundra Pre-Runner builds, and high volume production work for Unique Fabrication.

Derk Hartland - Automotive Design Engineer (BSc - University of Automotive Engineering- Apeldoorn, Netherlands)
Derk has worked for a number of prestigious race vehicle manufactures and has been a hands on designer as well and manager for companies such as Saleen and RML Group UK. Derk has personally designed production components for nearly every type of automotive system including engine, bodywork, interior, chassis, and suspension. Derk has advanced 3D modeling skills which includes complex 3D surfacing.

Riley Robbins - Mechanical Engineer (BSME - University of California, Santa Barbara)
Riley has extensive background in the automotive, powersport, and aviation markets in design, prototype, fabrication and repair. He has been part of a number of offroad race teams competing and placing at the professional level. Riley brings a real world hands on engineering approach gained from his professional as well as personal experience using many of the products he and his employers have created.

Josh Morrison - Mechanical Engineer (BSME - California State Polytechnic University, Pomona)
Josh has years of experience with system and component design for applications ranging from industrial equipment upgrades to highly styled consumer products. In most cases owning projects from inception to customer delivery encompassing risk analysis, proof of concept testing, design, component sourcing/procurement, validation, documentation, and delivery. His experience has developed his skills in design for manufacturing, advanced CAD including surfacing, FEA, rapid product development, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, tolerance analysis (GD&T), and project management.

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