Scarbo Wheels

Racecar with Scarbo Wheels

For nearly a decade Scarbo Performance has been designing winning race wheels for the top race wheel manufacturers. Scarbo Performance is extending its design approach to its own brand... Scarbo Wheels.

Scarbo wheels are designed for racing purposes and the form of each wheel takes its shape not from the hand of an artist, but from the eye of a structural analyst and is finely tuned with our own proprietary structural optimization process using computational finite element analysis. Every gram of material in each of our wheels has structural purpose. The most efficient form is one that takes the most amount of load and has the least amount of weight.

Our race wheels are currently offered for BMW and Porsche race vehicles and are available in an 18" diameter in both 5-lug and centerlock configurations. The 3-piece construction makes the wheel centers modular for an infinite number for width and backspace combinations. Out wheelcenters are machined from 6061 T6 forgings and our rim halves are available in both standard thickness and lightweight.

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